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    As it’s been simply put, “Wes Kirkpatrick is hard not to like”. A singer-songwriter of the truest sense, Kirkpatrick writes poetic Americana/folk-pop songs that you hear once and start humming along, hear twice and can’t get them out of your head for days. With an already loyal following, it’s only a matter of a time before we’ll all be singing along.
    - Relix Magazine

    Following the successful release of his sophomore solo album, Wes spent a good amount of time on the road. Touring with bands such as 

    The Milk Carton Kids, The Wood Brothers, Martin Sexton, Sea Wolf, Storyhill, Bobby Long and Ben Taylor along the way.

    That time on the road inspired many songs for his follow up EP. “I like to write in hotels, planes, trains etc.” explained Kirkpatrick. “I travel by train as much as I can. I love the atmosphere on trains. It’s laid back and friendly during the day, and at night it makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time. In a sleeper car at 2am, sipping whiskey, listening to the train whistle and watching the world roll by, that’s when I would write”. 

    There’s a humbleness about Kirkpatrick’s work; it’s familiar without being formulaic. The intimacy of his songwriting combined with a beautifully distinct voice makes it more than worth a listen. Wes has carved out his own musical sweet spot and lives well within it.
    -American Songwriter Magazine