New EP powered by Kickstarter

Singer-Songwriter Wes Kirkpatrick releases a brand new EP. All new songs recorded in the Story Hills at Basecamp Recording.

Hi. My name is Wes Kirkpatrick.

I’m a singer-songwriter originally from Colorado. I’m currently living in Chicago, IL. However, by the time this Kickstarter ends, I’ll be living in Nashville, TN.

I’m really excited about this new EP. In the past, when going into the recording process most of the songs I’ve had have been around for years. They’ve been edited, re-written, road tested and have settled into a comfortable groove. Don’t get me wrong, this is great. However, by the time I record the songs they already feel ‘old’ to me and to those of you that hear them at the shows.

With this new EP, none of the songs are more than a few months old. They are songs that I wrote and instantly felt a connection with. They are songs I wrote mostly in the middle of the night, in hotels, on the road or in my apartment looking out at the Chicago skyline. They are songs that have only been played live a handful of times, if at all. They are songs that mean a great deal to me. They are fresh and that’s how I want you to hear them.

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